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An Argentinian girl in Amsterdam
An Argentinian girl in Amsterdam

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7 years in Holland

Posted on 7/6/2007 at 19:21 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Finally, I started.

Since I moved to Amsterdam, I've been trying to process the loads of feelings, thoughts, sensations and experiences that I've come across while trying to "survive" in this crazy little city I chose as a home. I went through feeling unexplicably homesick, to hating my roots, because they were the ones that made me feel alienated in this cold, faraway place, in order to embrace this weird culture. That took me to become what I call "overdutched", and therefore loosing contact with all that lovely "baggage"  I actually own. The final result has been this cocktail of icy Dutchness with some Latin flavor that I've become. Today I've decided to stop fighting it but celebrating it. I thought I could do it by starting this blog.